DFV is a recognized national leader in the field of wood-effect decorations obtained using the powder-on-powder technology, also for the patented Effecta®  system, which reproduce the different wood essences on aluminium, adding a touch of beauty and elegance.


Effecta® is the high-productivity painting system applied on a vertical plant. The high productivity of the plants and the rapid production times make the products processed with this technology more profitable, both in terms of cost-effectiveness and service effectiveness, ensuring fast and compliant deliveries on the entire range of 5 finishes.


The high technology of the Effecta® system makes it possible to obtain an extremely high-quality product, highly resistant to weather conditions and, at the same time, guarantees maximum reliability and perfect balance between aesthetic value and cheapness.


Effecta® gives aluminium profiles the characteristic wood effect using the powder-on-powder technique. Fully automated, practical and effective, the process reproduces the noble essences of wood, giving beauty and elegance to the finished


For graphic reasons, all colours displayed have merely indicative value and cannot be considered as sample colours.
All product codes are to be considered generic and it is recommended to verify product availability in the factory production plan.
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