Electo® colours, suitable for the most varied uses, are obtained through the technique of sublimation, with an effect that we could define photographic, ideal for both classic settings and for trendy ideas.


Electo® is the latest addition to the wide range of wood-effect finishes created by the DFVResearch and Development team. The wood effect is reproduced on the previously painted background profile, with the application of a film transfer that releases the decoration by hot-stamping thanks to the combined use of air void and high temperature.


Compared to products processed with traditional sublimation, Electo® products have even more performing features, ranging from greater UV resistance to colour repeatability between different production batches.


With Electo® painting, the company DFV has managed to achieve a further improvement in the definition of decoration, for an effect that amazes over time. The result is a perfectly decorated and resistant profile, suitable for the most varied uses, in classic settings as well as in modern and trendy ones.


For graphic reasons, all colours displayed have merely indicative value and cannot be considered as sample colours.
All product codes are to be considered generic and it is recommended to verify product availability in the factory production plan.
Please also check the COLOUR CHART page.

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