Ezy HD2

Designed to meet the needs of surfaces that are particularly exposed to UV rays and weather conditions, Ezy HD² is the first product coated using the powder-on-powder technology to have obtained the Qualideco Class 2 certification in Italy.

15-year Warranty

The new Ezy HD² high-durability finishes are obtained through the use of Class 2 approved powders, which guarantee a product life of 15 years under normal conditions of use and maintenance.


DFV has obtained the prestigious Qualideco Class 2 certification for producing a product (Ezy HD²) that passed all the relevant tests thanks to the superior characteristics of the raw materials used and to the scrupulous respect of the Technical Guidelines of the brand at each processing stage. The Ezy HD² series ensures high performance of the painted product, namely: very high colour durability, excellent resistance to ageing, excellent barrier to the aggression of weather conditions, effective contrast to the loss of gloss.


The Ezy HD² range is composed of 9 essences finely decorated with veins that faithfully reproduce the naturalness of the wood, both to the eye and to the touch, offering warm and intense colours to achieve a finished product in such a way that it can be perfectly integrated into any architectural context.


For graphic reasons, all colours displayed have merely indicative value and cannot be considered as sample colours.
All product codes are to be considered generic and it is recommended to verify product availability in the factory production plan.
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