RAL Special collection

RAL Special is an evolution of the Standard RAL, a unique background colour collection that DFV makes available in numerous shades and for various uses.


The special collection includes glossy, matte and rough colours and, among others, marble, antique, musk, micalized, bonderized, and rusticated effects.


For graphic reasons, all colours displayed have merely indicative value and cannot be considered as sample colours.
All product codes are to be considered generic and it is recommended to verify product availability in the factory production plan.
Please also check the COLOUR CHART page.

Rosso Gotico Marmo
Grigio Gotico Marmo
Verde Gotico Marmo
Marrone Gotico Marmo
Grigio Antico
Marrone Antico
Verde Rag. Muschio
Grigio Rag. Grafite
9006 OPACO
9007 OPACO
Bronzo Chiaro Oro Met.
Marrone Rag. Cuoio
Testa di Moro Opaco