DFV uses a variety of technologies. While the powder-on-powder process commercialized under the brand EZY is obtained by applying a further layer of powder on a basic painted profile using a screen-printing roller containing the decoration, the powder-on-powder process under the brand EFFECTA is obtained by applying on a painted profile another layer of powder, which is then partly removed by rollers; the sublimation technique, under the brands ELECTO and SUBLIMALL, consists instead in the transfer of a decoration, printed with particular inks, from a film transfer to the painted background profile thanks to the combined effect of high temperature and vacuum.

High standards

In addition to paintings in RAL colours, classic and special, DFV has specialized in wood-effect painting, and is the only Italian company to have all the necessary production technologies for the realization of these finishes on aluminium profiles and rolled sections. To ensure the integrity of each step, continuous monitoring is ensured by special software to check the continuous compliance with the quality standards required. Aluminium begins its emotional journey towards colour starting from the very planning of the order and the compliance control, proceeding towards a computerized production process certified at every stage.

Automated warehouse

The increasingly automated production processes offer our customers top-quality products, with a view to ensuring space optimization, correct handling of goods and workers’ health and safety. In particular, in the production plants of Lecce and Venice, there is a large, fully operational automated warehouse: a real integrated logistics centre, directly connected to the painting plant with the related monitoring and supervision of the handling processes. In the production plants in Venice and Agrigento there are also two large compactable warehouses that double the storage capacity and optimize the controls and material handling. Moreover, an automated powder warehouse and an automated storage warehouse for the wood bases located next to the vertical system are also at an advanced stage of installation: this is where the painted background profiled will be stored, awaiting the subsequent wood-effect processing.

Lab tests

Before moving on to the packing step, quality checks are performed on 100% of the batches, and all data collected are recorded in a sophisticated control system. The numerous tests conducted in the in-house laboratory also include tests of gloss, thickness, adhesion, Buchholz impression, deep drawing, bending, impact resistance, wet atmosphere (Kesternich), acetic salt fog resistance, accelerated ageing, and cooking grade tests. Further tests are performed at random on the finished product using the mass spectrometer, the Machu Test and the Solarbox device. The results of these tests are decisive to enable the company to offer the 10 or 15-year warranty on all products for any defects attributable to the processes carried out within the plants.