Ezy® is an ever-evolving powder-on-powder wood-effect painting system that allows o creating over 20 high-definition finishes with a very high aesthetic result and high durability.


Ezy® technology patented by DFV the first high-definition powder-on-powder wood-effect painting system capable of ensuring great aesthetic value and very high quality, in addition to homogeneous colouring on all sides of the profiles.


The strong resistance to sunlight and weather conditions is obtained using only polyester powders, of which DFV knows every kind of application. Thanks to the scientific contribution of the Research and Development division, Ezy® is a constantly evolving system that allows creating as many as 20 elegant and high-resolution finishes suitable to enhance refined, composed and sophisticated taste.


This cutting-edge technology allows achieving a faithful reproduction of the nuances, tones and contrasts of wood, giving even the finished aluminium product the ability to convey to the touch the sensations of warmth and beauty of wood.


For graphic reasons, all colours displayed have merely indicative value and cannot be considered as sample colours.
All product codes are to be considered generic and it is recommended to verify product availability in the factory production plan.
Please also check the COLOUR CHART page.

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